Scentall Bloodhounds Since 1978 Woodhall Spa, Lincolnshire. Mobile: 07766 433014 Gillian Lamb and Adrian Williams
Scentall Bloodhounds were established in South Africa in 1978, and came to England in 2005, with Sniffer Baggens of Scentall, from whom we developed a line in Rugby, Warwickshire ( click for more of Scentall History ). In 2018 we moved to Lincolnshire, with fields and woodland bordering backand side, where part of our garden forms the backdrop to this page . . . . The houndies love it here.
Here, among our hounds we have:   Adorandus Brigadier of Scentall <= (Brig, Although he matured very nicely since coming to live with us,  he died on 15th of May 2020.) Scentall Zodiac (Ginger) Scentall Zia <= (Gemma) ( click for more on the Scentall Z-Litter ) Scentall Legend => who reached 10 years old on 24th January 2020. ( click for more on Legend ) Before Covid-19, we hoped to have a litter from Brig and Gemma, but decided to wait until 2021.
 last updated 6-Jun-22